The Student International Film Festival-STIFF had its closing down ceremony last night followed up with a program of “Midnight Stories” which tackled the imagination of the audience. The program in competition was made of 40 films out of which 8 were  documentaries, 19 were animations and 14 were fiction films.
Jury members Igor Paulić, Dragan Rubeša and Toni Jurčić for the fiction film category; Aleš Suk, Marta Batinić and Nikolina Hrga for documentaries and Martina Perkušić, Ana Hušman and Loris Matešić for animation, gave out two special mentions and awarded the following films:

1.Vjernost laurel


Fidelity/Sadakat by Ilker Çatak

Threading the politics and the intimate story, the director detects the state of flux in Turkey asking the question of what should an average citizen do when given a choice between conformism and action.

Some of us laurel


“Some of us” by Anja Kavić

In one single shot the director skillfully builds the tension and the bizarre chemistry between the two sisters. The film is set in between the abandoned worn down trains going nowhere, kind of like the sisters relationship built upon competition, frustration and nonsense.

A Wee Night In laurel


“A Wee Night In” by Stuart Edwards

The director managed to capture a space threaded with time and emotions, in a very emphatic and funny way, with amazing cinematography and turns it into a touching documentary film.

5.Vucje igre laurel


“Wolf games”  by Jelena Oroz

The best-animated film award goes to the director who makes brave decisions, sets up an impressive overall art approach and a specific surreal atmosphere. Rounded up with the surprising humor and the use of extraordinary animation skills, tells a story that can only be told through the animation.

1.Rossopapavero laurel


“Rosso Papavero” by Martin Smatana

The special mention in the category of animation goes to a film whose aesthetics go up and beyond the classical categorization. Using different animation techniques it builds up a magical childhood picture. It let’s us peak into a wonderful world of children’s imagination, a place where most of us wish to go back someday.

audience award


“Survey About Men”, documentary film by Mateusz Głowacki

The quality of the student films in competition proves once again that these films have nothing in common with the amateur creativity student films are often times mislabeled with.

The festival grows year after year, not only in numbers of submitted films (with more than 2000 films) but also with additional programs being part of the festival. This year these programs included the Children’s Program, Animafocus, the presentation of the animation department ALU Zagreb and a panel discussion on the perspectives of young people in the film industry.

The number of filmmakers from around the world who, on their own expense, decide to be part of the festival is growing too. This year, apart from the guest filmmakers from the region, the festival hosted the Turkish film crew of “The first day of human history”.

Rijeka’s audiences recognize the quality of the content that the festival offers and we can notice an increased interest in the programs. This is very imortant as one of the most important prizes given out to the filmmakers is the one given to the best film according to the votes of the audience. “Survey About Men”, a documentary by Mateusz Głowacki, won this years Audience award. This story about what women want from men, intrigued Rijeka’s audiences with its ease and its humor.

STIFF is not only a student film festival. We wish to become a hub for young filmmakers from around the world to meet, exchange ideas, learn and start new collaborations. We intend to bring a new perspective on film to the local community and the content, which does not exist anywhere else in this region.