This year, STIFF selectors had a tough challenge, to choose from more than 2000 film submissions, a 41 film to enter the final selection. Many of the films already have won awards at several prestigious international film festivals while others will premiere at the Art-Kino Croatia. 
Student International Film Festival 2015 catalogue is out! Have a look at it to find out more about each film from this years great program. You can download STIFF catalogue or check out all the great films online!!

Catalogue online last

The program which opens the festival, Love affairs is a collection of ”mischievous stories”, movies about romance, rebels, and daydreamers who refuse to accept common solutions and settle for compromises, and who seek more from life and love. In the program Delusions time doesn’t exist, the protagonists of these short films go through emotional journey within their own social convention borders. In

Bittersweet tales, we meet a girl who is looking for her biological mother, a boy who is playing with the rain in his living room, and a perfectly imperfect family. Traps tell us about the lives hidden in ”suitcases”, about departures, returns, boundaries, and the search for ”home”. Deja vu reminds us that some secrects are not easily covered up because it is hard sometimes to forget the past. A journey through the dark fantasies of a submissive S&M slave, the dance passion of a Polish stripper, a misunderstanding after a one night stand…these are just some of the stories from the final STIFF program Midnight stories – film treats that will tickle your imagination…

Another special edition of this years’ STIFF is «Wonders», a children’s program designed for our younger guests and for those who still love fairy-tales. The program will take place at the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre.

The International Student Film Festival STIFF – strives to single out and thoroughly process one film kind, genre or theme, every year. Last year we dedicated STIFF’s follow-up program to experimental film, while this year we focus on animation. With nineteen in competition, we have prepared a follow-up program Animafocus in which we will present a selection of short animated films, small fantasies, critical or humorous visions and reflections on contemporary society, technology, identity, love, and reminiscing.

The Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb will attend STIFF to present their recent works. Ana Hušman, the selector of the program will introduce student films and facilitate a short Q&A with the authors.

Also, as part of the Festival, 15 students will attend a Film critic workshop, led by a film critic and professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, Prof. DejanDurić, PhD. Workshop attendees will write reviews of several selected films.

During the public discussion  ”Young people in the film industry“, which is created and moderated by students of the University of Rijeka, young filmmakers from Rijeka (Zoran Krema, Igor Paulic and Nikolina Hrga) will talk about entering the world of film as well as what it takes to remain a part of this world.

You can also download our STIFF 2015 CATALOGUE !